WireLace® is a ribbon woven with very fine wires of brass & copper or aluminium and bonded with an enamel coating to create a variety of non-tarnishing stunning colours.

WireLace® is sold by the metre

Nickel-Free: an ideal choice for persons with nickel-allergies
Waterproof: great for fibre crafts, jewellery and sewing where items may get wet or need to be gently washed.
Heat Resistant: a great embellishment for use in low heat projects (under 135°C): bake directly into polymer clay; adorn lamp shades, hot-glue into scrap books.  Note: certain colours (primarily copper) can change slightly when heated so advance testing is recommended.
Expanding:  The wider you stretch it the shorter the length so allow extra – generally ½ – 1 times the final length.  For widths 3mm and greater
Needles: A fine weight collapsible eye needles makes stringing a breeze.  Use a large holed blunt tipped metal yarn needle to glide through the WireLace® tube