Seed beads are very versatile beads ranging from 1mm up to around 4mm diameter which can be used in jewellery designs, bead-weaving,bead embroidery and can even be included in your wool and quilt designs. Beadessence specialises in a range of quality glass seed beads from Japan – mainly Toho & some Miyuki shaped beads. Quality and uniformity is consistent with Japanese beads unlike Czech Seed Beads which do have more variation in size and shape. Within the same size in each brand of seed beads there are very small variations in size and shape. Toho tend to be a tiny bit larger than Miyuki and are designed to have a larger hole to allow for even more pass through threads. The larger hole also creates lighter beads which give you more beads for your weight. The cut holes of inside coloured or silver lined beads give an exquisite shine.
Seed Bead Sizes in mm (outer diameter):
3/0 – 5.5mm
5/0 – 5mm
6/0 – 3.5mm
8/0 – 2.5mm
10/0 – 2.0mm
11/0 – 1.8mm
13/0 – 1.5mm
15/0 – 1.3mm