Micro cord Tex 70 is a braided nylon multi-filament thread, with a diameter of 0.12mm with a 4.5kg breaking strength. This product is great for kumihimo, bead crochet, micro macramé, bead embroidery, (on and off loom when twisted thread is required), bead weaving, etc. Great for bead and fiber projects using 15/0, 11/0, & 8/0 seed beads. Available in a range of vibrant colours which match throughout the C-Lon range of Tex 210, Fine Weight Cord Tex 135 and Micro Thread Tex 70.
C-Lon is available in larger spools of 293 metres (320 yds) with current stocks being replaced with smaller spools of 91 metres (100yds).
S-Lon available in 262 mtrs (287 yds)  per spool and when current stocks are sold will not be replaced.