beadcap 8mm

beadcap 12mmStackable Beadcaps are available in multiple sizes from  5mm –  18mm.  They top off and round out almost every bead you want to turn into a pendant, necklaces or earrings. Since they are extremely affordable, you can not only use a single beadcap, but stack several in decreasing sizes, not only to fill the length of the pin to assure a “tight” fit, but to add some “interest” to your design.

The stackable beadcaps are available in 8 different sizes:
5mm – 6mm – 8mm – 10mm – 12mm – 14mm – 16mm – 18mm
Beadcaps are made of copper and are covered with a high quality silver plating, finished with a tarnish-resistant sealant to keep them looking bright for a very long time.  They are Nickel free and made in Germany.

Arrange along the stem of your Beadhoppers pendants or necklaces to produce your individual design